I Love My Life Professionally…

I love my life professionally because what I do on a daily basis brings excitement, fulfillment, opportunities, and wealth.

I love having a flexible timetable, which means that generally I get enough sleep!  It seems as though I’ve spent most of my adult life running on less than the optimum, and I still am grateful each morning to have the energy to get through the day, feeling like I can give 100% to each task.  This one aspect makes me look back at my professional life and realise how ineffective and bad-tempered I must have been for most of it!

Each day is different and brings different challenges, so my current work life is teaching me to be more spontaneous and not so attached to routine.  Having been a teacher for 5 years, and a student for many more years before that, my life has been governed by a timetable someone else has made for me, inhibiting my ability to take responsibility for the structure of my life, right down to when I can have a cup of tea.  I know now that if I don’t plan it, it doesn’t get done, but I also know that not everything has to be accomplished in half-hour blocks.  Welcome to sanity!

With each new task I do, I meet different people and get the opportunity to connect with a much wider group than before.  I know that I have the time and the flexibility now to build meaningful relationships with each client or customer that comes into my life, and this means that I can offer a personal service tailored to their needs.  The client comes first in what I do, and because my time is not constrained like before, I can provide a level of service and involvement that many larger enterprises can’t.

Finally, one of the most important reasons that I love my life professionally is that I get to work with my partner and my family.  We already like each other, and knowing that we have an existing foundation of trust makes business communication easier.  We bounce ideas off each other better than we would if we were working with people we didn’t know very well.  Best of all, we get to spend our working life with the people we choose to spend time with, not the people who have been chosen for us.

Do you love your life professionally?  How could you make it better?  My hope is that everyone wakes up in the morning looking forward to the day the way I do.  That, for me, is a hallmark of success – to love your life professionally.


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