And the Music Plays On…

Last night was the second practice of the PPC National Youth Choir.  We didn’t have our full complement of singers, but we had enough to make a good start.  A couple of our members had even brought friends whom they thought could sing to try out for the Choir, and so we have two new members in the soprano and alto sections.

Since we didn’t really do much singing at our first practice, last night was time to see what kind of noise we could make together.  It was a small sound, due to so few being at practice, but a promising one.  As they sing more together, their voices will blend better and we’ll have a more coherent sound, but for the moment at least we’ve given ourselves some direction and something great to work with.  I chose a simple song for last night. “Asikatali” is a South African protest song from the 50’s that has also been recorded by Pete Seeger and others.  It’s a beautiful song, with the strong bass harmony line really bringing out the Zulu feel.  We were all so impressed with our lead bass, Kgotso, who got the harmony line perfectly and adds such a strong resonance at the bottom of the scale.  The rest of the choir can’t wait for him to sing more challenging stuff that really shows his talent!

And so on to planning for next week!  I’m glad we sang something simple, because those that missed practice should be able to catch up easily, and it enabled us to finish a whole song and leave practice feeling like we’d achieved something.  I’m so proud of all the choir members too – Zulu songs are hard to learn when you don’t have a clue what the words mean or how they’re pronounced.  So wish us luck for a more challenging task next week!


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