Exercise for the incapable

I love the simplicity of this form of exercise…


Maybe incapable is unfair. What I’m getting at would be the equivalent of “exerciser-ly challenged”, which doesn’t really read that well or exist as a word or phrase. Actually, I’m not really talking about exercise either, as you’ll see.

So I was in the pool the other day, and was building myself up to doing 10 lengths, to get the heart beating slightly harder than the prescribed 68 bpm or so, or the actual 78 bpm or so, as I had done the day before. As one does, I prepared the pool, moving lilos and balls and stuff aside, and started thinking, with the mind of one committed to exercise,  that I hadn’t really tried out the noodle. So I put it under my arms and found it really works for buoyancy; funnily enough. Thing is though, to keep your head comfortably above the water you need to lift your legs, which is…

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