SS Armadale Castle

This is a picture of the Union Castle steamer Armadale Castle, which is the ship that my grandmother sailed on in 1921.  Her family emigrated from Scotland to South Africa when she was 5.  I still have the Bible she was given for the journey.  I can’t imagine how scary that must have been, to leave everything you know and love, and be faced with nothing but a wide open sea for months, and to have no idea what it is that you are going to.  Were people then more courageous than they are now?  The thought of general leisure travel fills me with dread.  I can’t even comprehend the idea of emigrating…









5 thoughts on “SS Armadale Castle

  1. Allen, it’s been some time since I’ve checked back on this blog. You may be interested to know that my grandmother has just celebrated her 100th birthday! What area of Johannesburg did your parents live in? My grandmother spent all of her married life in Kensington.

    • Hi Lyn

      Nice to hear from you and thank you for the info.

      As far as I know, my Mom spent only a few years in Johannesburg and unfortunately I’m not quite sure where. She met my Dad and they moved to Bloemfontein in the late 1930’s where they remained until my Mom moved to a Home in 1999 in Johannesburg when I was about to emigrate to Canada and she passed away in 2002 at age of 84.

      Please keep in touch, it is so interesting.

      Kind regards

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  2. I have just received a passenger manifest dated 28th April 1921, showing my Grandparents my late Mother and her siblings as passengers from Southampton to Cape Town on the Armadale Castle. Quite amazing . I see that your grandmother also sailed in 1921…maybe the same date? My mother was 7 at the time.

      • That is fantastic! My mom passed away in Johannesburg in 2002.Her family name was Grosowski from Poland
        I now live in Canada and a cousin in London sent me this out of the blue!

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