21 Days of Abundance Thinking

Last year for Christmas, my mother bought my an Abundance diary.  It was a brilliant diary, but just too small, so in spite of the incredible lessons and space to keep track of your daily spending, it was discarded in favour of something with enough space to keep track of three different businesses and two households.  This year, I bought my own diary, one with enough space, but lacking in the lessons and reminders of abundance that the other one taught.  So as part of my New Year ritual (see The Resolution Monster Strikes Again), I went through that Abundance diary and made notes from all the good advice it gave, and copied down all the affirmations I thought would be appropriate for me.

One of the tasks the diary suggested was to play a game of virtual abundance. Since both scarcity and abundance are more about your mental conditioning and your mindset, the Abundance diary strives to get you to think from a place of abundance.  To that end, you are instructed to go on a virtual spending spree for 21 days.  You are to being with 100 of whatever currency you operate in, so for me, that would be Pula.  Each day you double the previous day’s amount.  You are not allowed to save any money or hold any over for the next day.  The whole point is to decide that day what you would spend that money on, and savour the experience of ‘owning’ that item.  When we can really feel what it would be like if we had that item or that experience we have set our hearts on, it sends out waves of energy that attract more of those things and experiences to us.  And so the plan is to ‘play’ the game on my blog and post pictures of the things I ‘buy’ on my spending spree.  Join me!   We might all receive everything we desire from the abundant universe we live in!

Day 1, January 12 2012

I have P100.00 to spend.  Not a huge amount, but sometimes enough to buy myself a little luxury.  I’ve been wanting to read this book, Mother Tongue, for ages.  Bill Bryson is truly one of my favourite writers,  He combines all the things I am most interested in, like history and language and the history of language, and writes about them in such fluid and humourous ways.  This would be stretching the P100, so I’m going to assume for the purposes of this exercise, that Exclusive Books in Gaborone is having a sale.  Yay!

Day 2, January 13 2012

I have P200.00 to spend, so it’s time to treat myself to a luxury that I won’t exactly own, but nevertheless will bring much joy.  Cooking is not my favourite thing (understatement of the century) so when I’m really craving something and I have some spare cash, take-aways it is!  One of my absolute favourites is butter chicken with loads and loads of garlic and plain naan.  Yum!

Day 3, January 14 2012

I have P400.00 to spend and I know the perfect thing.  I have a weakness for good quality, pretty and perfect-for-my-size-4 feet shoes, so today I am buying a new pair of GreenCross sandals to add to my collection.  I often wear shoes with a slight heel, and I prefer thin straps across the feet because my feet are so small.  I love buying shoes in silver or black, and GreenCross make shoes you can walk around in all day without your feet hurting. These sandals are just perfect.

Day 4, 15 January 2012

Today I have P800 to spend.  I have been thinking about it all day, since it is really an ‘in-between’ sort of amount – too much for something small, yet too little for something big.  So instead of buying something new, I will use it to redo something old.  I have a wonderful old chair that I bought when I was a student in Cape Town.  It still has its original 1950’s upholstery and horse-hair stuffing, and has become tattier and tattier with the years and the cats.  I’ve been meaning to do it for years, and now I am finally getting round to reupholstering my special chair in some really beautiful new fabric.

Day 5, 16 January 2012

I have P1600 to spend. This is another one of those strange in-between  amounts which mean that I can buy lots of one kind of thing, or one of a large thing.  What would you buy? My plan is to go online to JW Pepper or Manchester Music Exchange and buy enough sheet music to keep my Choir in new and exciting things to sing for the year.  Given the present exchange rate, that should buy me roughly 115 new pieces of music to sing with my fantastically talented National Youth Choir!

Day 6, 17 January 2012

I have P3200 to spend.  Finally!  Something I know I can have for the amount of money I have!  We have a serious shortage of space on our bedside tables, mostly because they weren’t originally designed to be bookcases.  They are completely mismatched and I find it is irritating me more and more that they really don’t correspond to my mental version of our bedroom.  So today I am going to buy (or get made) two new bedside tables that will hold a lamp, mugs of tea and a limitless supply of books!


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