A Musical Adventure

And so begins a new chapter in my musical adventures.  The PPC National Youth Choir had its first practice last night.  With 20 founding ‘youths’, we will be a small choir for a while, but what a sound there will be!  It was fantastic to hear these kids singing together, knowing that 2 months ago, when they auditioned and I last heard them sing, I made the right decisions about who I picked.

We spent most of our first hour together getting to know each other.  I seem to be very good at making children play silly games, which immediately breaks the ice.  To sing well together, these youngsters have to like each other, know each other and trust each other, so last night was step 1 on the road to being an awesome choir.  I did, of course, have the assistance of the estimable Neelo.  Neelo has been one of my flute and singing students for about 3 years now.  She is nothing but a ball of smiling, welcoming, friendly energy, and she bounced around the room making everyone feel as comfortable as she was.  Even the shyest individual cannot remain so after a Neelo onslaught!

In terms of training the choir itself, I have the unwavering support of another Lynn, the Lynn who has been my music teacher for close on twenty years (she taught me at primary school, so neither of us are as old as you think!)  Lynn is always an inspiration and an incredible accompanist, so she will be helping me make sure their general musical education is not neglected in the midst of too much fun at choir practice!  I also have Celeste, who has already been working with Lynn and I for a couple of years.  Celeste will be in charge of being organised (for the best chance of success, I cannot be expected to organise anything, except what we’re going to sing) and has made an excellent impression on all the students.  Celeste will also be a conductor in training, so hopefully, not too far from now, she will be standing in front of this choir and directing it.

It is an incredible privilege to work with this talented bunch!  I made all sorts of resolutions about taking photos, but I only get a very few, very bad ones, so I’ve learned my lesson and next week Celeste will be in charge of the camera too.  That way, maybe we’ll have some pics to share on Facebook and some videos to post on YouTube.  I look forward to sharing our progress with you!