New Cure for Flu!

Bed made with white bed linen. Four fluffy pil...

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Anyone who’s ever had a long and hard day at work knows the joy of collapsing at the end of it, sinking into the feeling of fresh, cool sheets against your skin. But there is something even more satisfying when the bed linen is brand new.

We’re going to have loads of visitors over Easter, and the challenge of finding places to sleep for nine extra people gave me an excuse to finally go and buy a new duvet and things for our bed. We’ve had a queen size bed for the longest time, but always a duvet designed for a double bed, which in this climate is usually quite sensible. For five months of the year, it’s just too damn hot to have even a sheet over you. But for the following five months, you wish you lived in a place where you could buy thermal underwear and reindeer skins to sleep under. Amazing that a place with no winter rainfall and no snow – EVER – could get this cold. But that is what happens in the desert. So cold that even the cats want to get under the duvet, and the dogs need tucking in under layers and layers of blankets each night. That’s not for their survival, by the way. That’s just because our fox terrier will whine at our door all night if she isn’t.

As luck would have it, I bought our new duvet just in time. The day I changed from the old to the new, the evening temperatures suddenly dropped and we were glad for the extra warmth of the new 8 tog, medium weight duvet. Added to that was the fact that I came down with the flu the same day. When you’re feeling absolutely rotten and stuffy-nosed and headachy, and your ears feel blocked and your whole body feels like it’s been hit by a bus, new bed linen does so much to ease the discomfort. So I’ve decided now that every time I feel like I’m coming down with something, I will buy new sheets and pillow cases, have a hot bath and curl up in my new bedclothes in my favourite pyjamas. I am a genius – I have discovered a new cure for flu!


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